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We at CASSION CONSULTANTS offer a wide spectrum of services related to tunneling operations. A Broad classification of our services:
  • Consultation on tunneling operations
  • Setting up SOP & Safety Practices
  • Turnkey management of Tunneling Operations
  • Provide hyperbaric intervention services
  • Medical Treatment of hyperbaric related issues & any medical related issues. You can consult with our DMAC level 2 doctor.
  • Deputing trained manpower who have complete knowledge of cutter change out & cutterhead intervention.
  • Resolve any issues in manlock or the medical lock.
  • Refurbish and upgrade man locks
  • Man Power Training in any area related to Tunneling Operations and working in pressurized atmosphere
  • Fire Fighting and Rescue Training
  • Diving Assistance for any Emergencies, deputing diving team & diving equipment on hire
  • Assist with renting of medical locks, their certification, set up etc.
We have experienced doctors on our panel who will asst us on any hyperbaric related issues & will also be available to treat any medical related issues we are the only company with a DMAC level 2 doctor in our panel.
We have experienced personnel to resolve any problems in the manlock or the medical lock. We are well versed in repair & maintenance, trouble shooting of any kind. We have refurbished man locks, upgraded the system, & resolved many a problems.
We have been the pioneers off the hyperbaric intervention in india, using trained man lock operators. We have a rigid system of selecting our lock operators and raining them to very high standards and maintain professional standards.
We have a team of experienced construction team which consists of welders fitters, riggers etc. they can be provided on short notice for work in an pressurized atmosphere if required.
We also have trained miners who have complete knowledge of cutter change out & cutterhead intervention.
We will be able to asst with the renting of medical locks ,their certification, set up etc.
We provide diving assistance for any emergencies. We also have a regular dive team and equipment for hire.
We ensure that there is proper set of training programmes in fire fighting and rescue training.
We have a tie up with a various agencies and will be able to procure medical equipment required for hyperbaric work.
What Make Us Different?

We are the first to introduce systems and documentation (certified) for equipment checks and tunneling operations in India.

We have a trained batallion of man lock operators, Deep Sea Divers, Manlock Maintence / servicing Personnel.

We depute our manpower to work on your projects and manage all safety operations ensuring statutory compliance without any lapse what so ever.

Cassion Consultants
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